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Dural, NSW

Rural Residential Land

This Loan refinanced the initial Old Northern Road Sub-Trust. The loan was maintained by the Borrower in a prompt and punctual fashion and the Manager undertook a new credit assessment and renewed the loan for a further term with Loan documentation containing new Loan terms and conditions. 

Investors in the previous Old Northern Road Sub-Trust have been fully repaid. 

The Loan is secured by first registered mortgages over five (5) rural housing lots situated on 10.977ha of land. The Security Properties have been strategically acquired by the Borrower for consolidation with existing adjacent and nearby holdings for future development purposes. The Properties are located in Dural, NSW, which is located 36kms north-west of the Sydney CBD.

The Borrower is a long established and well capitalised Australian development and investment company. 

Investment Details

  • Target Return (net)
  • Loan to Value Ratio
  • Term to Run (Mths)
    17 Mths
  • Minimum Investment

All Current Investments.

All loans are credit approved before being offered to investors. All target returns are net of fees.

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